Students, note that your eSchool virtual class sessions with teacher name will be listed below sometime in May.

Please attend the session time you signed up for on the form if possible. Students will receive emails by Friday afternoon (June 9) with course information and details (including teacher). Attend the session with your specific teacher.

NOTE:  New for summer of 2018, first day of class event will be held virtually.  Students new to eSchool must attend the virtual first day of class session on June 11, 2018 OR connect with their teacher during the June 13 check in date.  Returning successful eSchool student attendance on June 11 is optional.

Please remember: Students that have not completed the Orientation course and have not received a grade report via email are not permitted to participate in the Virtual First Day of Class session.


Students and parents are asked to park in the back of the building.   Other entrance doors may be locked.  See map for details and an aerial view of North High School.  


All sessions are held at North High School in Appleton.     2016_North_Map


Session times and locations are subject to change.   After being enrolled on the afternoon of June 9, your enrollment email will include your teacher name.  Check the schedule or contact your teacher after receiving the enrollment email if you have questions.



Virtual first day of class schedules will be available sometime in May.

June 13 Student & Teacher Check in sessions will be available sometime in May as well.


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