2017-2018 Ongoing Course Registration Begins August 24

The 2017-2018 school year is almost here.  A bit more time will pass and September 5th will be here in full swing.

Our ongoing registration will open up the morning of August 24.  Because we anticipate high volumes of course requests, Monday will probably be the earliest students will see processing occur in the profile as far as the approval process changing.  Also, because high school counselors are part of the process and they return with all staff on August 29, many course requests will not be approved until after that date.


Students can still print the 2017-2018 student contract (becomes available on August 24 in the early AM), have them signed and  upload to your eSchool profile  in our system.  That will help move the process along as quickly as possible during the week of August 28.



The image to the left is a look at our timeline from our website to see how the school year starts for eSchool students (full time and blended).





Welcome back!