2021 eSchool Summer Interim Registration Opens 6am March 10

Happy March everyone!

The 2021 Appleton eSchool Summer Interim registration information is now available on our eSchool website:  https://appletoneschool.org/summer-interim/.    Registration begins online in the eSchool platform at 6am on Wednesday, March 10.  

A special note, the eSchool governing board voted on a change for 2021 eSchool Summer Interim during the COVID19 pandemic.  eSchool is allowing two 0.5 credits to be taken concurrently during summer interim.  This is a change, because for over a decade, students have only been allowed to take one.  Here is the approved language that was approved by the eSchool governing board:

  • COVID19 Health Emergency for 2021: Qualifying students may take up to two 0.5 credit courses during interim.
    • Qualifying = Students with current or past proven success online with eSchool, WCA or 1st semester fully virtual with AASD (no 2020-2021 semester 1 Fs).

**Special Note**:  Full year courses (1.0 credit courses) with S1 & S2 components are not eligible to be enrolled in at the same time (concurrently) during interim for students who qualify to take two 0.5 credit courses.

Here are the important links for registration:






Again, visit our website detailing all things eSchool summer interim:  https://appletoneschool.org/summer-interim/.    Happy Registration!