2022-2023 Appleton eSchool Up Front Registration: Full-Time Online or A La Carte

High school course scheduling in Infinite Campus for the 2022-2023 school year is upon us.  This is mostly for students seeking a la carte courses with eSchool as part of their schedule at East, West and North.    Students seeking full-time online/virtual with eSchool should contact the eSchool office directly for details.

High School students please see video for directions and details…  This video shows North High School, but is the same for all 3 AASD High Schools:



   Appleton North High School    2022-23 North High School Scheduling Information

   2022-23 West High School Scheduling Information


Appleton East High School2022-23 East High School Scheduling Information

  • In the winter and spring, if students are seeking changes to their schedule for the upcoming school year, students can see their counselor to make updates to their schedule.  This includes scheduling changes like adding or dropping online eSchool courses.  This updating period usually ends at the end of June.


Check out the timeline and details below to help understand how to sign up for eSchool classes all year:



If there are any questions, feel free to reach out to the eSchool staff.