2022-2023 Ongoing eSchool Registration Now Open


Online eSchool courses are now available to request in our eSchool system.   

 AASD Students and families can now select their online courses in Genius.    A La Carte eSchool students this is especially important information for you!!

Students will see two terms to select from: 

  • Local 2022-2023
  • Statewide 2022-2023

If you do not see the course you are looking for in the local term, check the statewide term.   Course availibity is dynamic and can change based on the volume of student requests.  Remember, eSchool ongoing registration occurs August though February.

 Log in now to request your courses!!!!





The eSchool course catalog is now available.  This course catalog is dynamic and will continue to update throughout August.   If you do not see the course you are interested in, check back daily.  If you have any questions about course availability contact our eSchool office.






The 2022-2023 eSchool Student contract is now available.  This contract must be signed by hand or electronically and uploaded to eSchool profile to complete your online course request registration.   







Part-time & Full-time eSchool

  1. Students & Families seeking part-time a la carte enrollment with eSchool, be sure to request your course in your eSchool profile. Your username and password is the same as it is during the school year.  
  2. Students & Families seeking full-time enrollment with eSchool, please contact the eSchool office directly ASAP.
  3.  Non-Resident families, if you are interested in having your child attend eSchool, the appropriate full-time open enrollment paperwork or part-time open enrollment paperwork must be submitted to our enrollment office ASAP.


NOTE:  Who teaches online courses with eSchool?  Many people have asked about eSchool teachers.  The majority of our enrollments are taught by AASD eSchool teachers right here in Appleton.  Our goal is to have our online eSchool courses taught by local AASD teachers.   In fact, this is one of the eSchool governing board’s strategic goals.  As part of our innovative charter, historically we have had to access online courses via our WEN partner schools/districts because we have not had enough staff allocation in the many online course titles that we offer to offer all classes with local staff.   Our teachers have helped provide space in online courses for students across Wisconsin school districts and in exchange we have utilized space in other online courses that we have not had capacity locally .  Swapping enrollments has helped us provide access to our students a wide variety of online courses that did not run in AASD.  With the increased interest in virtual learning, eSchool is hoping to staff most, if not all, of our online courses, with AASD teachers.   Thank you for all of your interest!


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Let us know if there are any questions!    2022-2023 school year here we come!


Your Appleton eSchool Team