Appleton eSchool Core Beliefs

The Appleton eSchool charter has been around since 2002 with the AASD.  In late November and early December 2018, the Appleton eSchool staff participated in a culture check up process together to examine our roots and where we hope to continue to go into the future together.

eSchool staff picture
In picture from left to right: Lucas Jadin, Suzanne Chang, Kevin Reichardt, Amy Crum, Amy Sunke, Matt Mineau, Katie Kinzenbaw, Karen Zanon, Heather Teske, Torrie Kalkofen, Erik Hanson. Missing from the photo: Amy McAloon, Katie Jadin

Online learning and online in general has become a mainstay in our modern society.   An overwhelmingly majority of adults participate in the online culture through online shopping, online banking, online videos (Youtube) and online grocery just to name a few.  In fact, we are seeing now in the consumer marketplaces embrace a hybrid of online and face to face via various version of “online order product pick ups”.  These online order product pickup services are being integrated around online infrastructures to influence how customers and guest interact with businesses right here in Appleton, WI as well as around the country and world.

Our modern society has also continued to embrace online learning with adults as well.  Online learning is arguably now a mainstream component in higher education institutions.  For example, as of the 2017-2018 school year, 1 out of every 5 courses offered at Fox Valley Technological College are only offered exclusively online.  At UW-Milwaukee, in 2015, the majority of undergraduate students take at least 1 online course per year as part of their campus experience.

As of the AASD graduating class of 2018, <30% of our AASD high school students have taken an online course by the time they graduate high school.  This means that >70% of our students have not had an online course experience before graduating high school in AASD.

The Appleton eSchool governing board has been exploring possible organizational structures and vehicles over the past year to help serve more of our AASD graduates with an online course before grading high school. eSchool leaders engaged the staff in a process to examine the core beliefs of eSchool. The Appleton eSchool governing board explored the possibilities of remaining a charter school, becoming an AASD Magnet school and integrating into a hub/program of AASD.




After going through a process to examine possibilities for eSchool to move forward, at the December 11, 2018 eSchool Governing board meeting, the governing board voted and approved Appleton eSchool to move forward to prepare another 5 year charter renewal as a instrumentality charter school of the Appleton Area School District.

Here is what the eSchool staff believes in for our students and believes in for staff who work at eSchool.  We are excited to continue to serve our students,  families and community with online learning right here in the Fox Valley as an instrumentality charter school of the AASD:



Student Agency – Empowered students activate their learning.

  1. Enable an element of control for students over their learning.
  2. Connect with and utilize coaches and mentors.
  3. Choose from an expansive catalog of standards aligned courses.

Flexibility – Student learning and individual responsibility working together.

  1. Embraces anytime and anywhere ongoing courses.
  2. Provides access to dynamic high quality standards aligned content
  3. Allows for content and systems to update continuously to stay on innovative edge.
  4. Supports today’s need of both in person and online learning.

Skills & Experiences – Success today generates post high school readiness tomorrow.

  1. Experience at least one online course in high school and earn an online course ready badge.
  2. Advocate by asking questions.
  3. Communicate effectively with email, messaging and video.
  4. Understand and utilize resources to learn.
  5. Collaborate with students across Wisconsin.