Appleton eSchool “Rest of the story…”

Check out our Appleton eSchool “Rest of the story…” 

Online learning utilization is growing and it is as important as ever for students to be successful both face to face (in our school buildings) and in the online environment (eSchool).    Over the past 5 years, the number of AASD graduates having taken an eSchool course has increased from ~10% to about ~30%. (about tripled…good job students!)   We are not there yet; however, as we hope to reach a rate of 80-90% of AASD students taking an online course before they graduate high school.

Our goal is for 80-90% of our AASD graduates to have taken an eSchool course before walking across the stage at graduation.  We are excited about our commitment to student post high school readiness.  Our online course ready for post high school badge is a great opportunity for our students to showcase the skills they develop with us here in the AASD with eSchool.