2021-2022 Ongoing eSchool Registration Now Open

  Online eSchool courses are now available to request in our eSchool system.     AASD Students and families can now select their online courses in Genius.    A La Carte eSchool students this is especially important information for you!! Students will … Continued

2021 eSchool Summer Interim Registration Opens 6am March 10

Happy March everyone! The 2021 Appleton eSchool Summer Interim registration information is now available on our eSchool website:  https://appletoneschool.org/summer-interim/.    Registration begins online in the eSchool platform at 6am on Wednesday, March 10.   A special note, the eSchool governing board … Continued

The Wizards of Oz (eSchool)

As 2021 rolls into January, we at eSchool would like to take a moment to introduce and recognize the Wizards (teachers and staff) of Oz (eSchool) behind the screens.  There is a lot of great work happening behind the curtain … Continued

2021 eSchool Summer Interim Course List

On December 15, 2020 the Appleton eSchool governing board approved the 2021 eSchool summer interim course list.   Registration is set to open on March 10, 2021 at 6:00am.   -Directions are on our website (https://appletoneschool.org/summer-interim/) and more details are in the … Continued