Big Happenings coming up in December…

We have some big happenings coming up in December:


  1.  Online Course Ready Badge Water Bottles
  2.  Up Front Registration begins in AASD high schools for 2017-2018 school year.




  • With the inaugural launch of the “Online Course Ready Badge” this fall, we celebrating this event with a give-a-way for our students.  The first 100 AASD students who qualify for the online course ready badge at each neighborhood AASD high school will be eligible to receive a diffusing water bottle.  

For details about how to qualify for our online course ready badge, check out our website for more information.


  • High school scheduling is coming up around the corner.  Online eSchool courses are part of the high school scheduling process in infinite campus.  Please watch your local high school scheduling information for details on how to sign up.  Remember, eSchool courses are indicated with “online” in the course title.




If anyone has any questions, please contact us in the eSchool office or stop by to see your eSchool coach at your high school.


Happy Thanksgiving!


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