eSchool Courses – Google Apps – ChromeBooks

Dear Students,

We are now starting our 4th week back into the AASD school year.  As an eSchool student with rolling enrollments, you may either have just started your course today or have been in your course nearly 4 weeks.
This school year, students are using Google Apps (Docs) and  Chromebooks more than ever before.  Naturally, students will be using these tools for their work at their main campus schools and with eSchool.  With this comes some new functionality and new tools that we will all need to adapt to and learn about together.  I would like to provide a few very important resources below that will help all students interact with Google Docs and our eSchool systems with the least amount of disruption (that we know of at this time):google-docs-apps-in-chrome
  1. Document Sharing and Setting Permissions so your Teacher can View Your Work.
    • In order for a teacher to see work created in Google and submitted in our eSchool learning management system, students will need to set their sharing permissions to allow that to happen.  This means every single time you create a new document in Google, the sharing permissions will need to be set to allow your teacher to see it.  This is a good life skill to learn for school and beyond.
  2. Viewing Documents on a Chromebook that is not a Google Document (Word, Excel, etc..).
    • If you have a course that asks you to view a word document or .rtf document and you are using a Chromebook, you will need to make sure you have the proper free extension installed from the Chrome Web Store to view the document.  As a students either enrolled in an eSchool course or our orientation mini-course and are using a Chromebook to work on your eSchool courses, you will want to download a viewer to view MS Word type documents on a Chromebook.  If you use a Chromebook, please install this free extension to help with your eSchool course.
Students, take a moment to view and act on each of these above items.  If you find out that you need assistance with these items, stop and see your Tech. Integrator at your high school or see an eSchool coach at East, West, or North High School.  (Show them this email for reference).
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In an attempt to have the best possible communication with all of you, if you are on Facebook or Twitter, please follow us.  I will be doing someone regular blog posts that will be located on our website:  Followers on FaceBook ( and Twitter ( will be alerted to new blog posts and announcements when the blog is updated.  (This is new this school year).
Thank you for reading this and for taking a moment to be the best eSchool student you can be.
Mr. Hanson