eSchool for the Fall… Where we are at right now & Questionnaire.

The AASD School Board met in a special meeting on Monday July 27, 2020 and approved a plan for the start of school in September.

As a result of the AASD board action from July 27,  the school district sent out a questionnaire via email on July 28 asking parents for commitments to attend school in the fall.  Families are being asked to commit to a learning model by August 6.

ACTION REQUESTED:  If you plan to send your child/children to Appleton eSchool in the fall, we need you to select Appleton eSchool on the AASD Questionnaire to help the district allocate the appropriate amount of staffing to eSchool to have local AASD teachers teach your students with online courses via eSchool. 

There are likely many questions parents will have about what to expect with a high school student switching to full-time virtual with Appleton eSchool.   We have put together some information to help parents understand what eSchool has to offer:

Appleton eSchool has two ways of attending our school:  Full-time Online & Part-Time Online.

Full-time online refers to taking all or the majority of your high school classes online with Appleton eSchool.  

What to expect for full-time virtual (online) with eSchool?

  • 3 online courses at one time ( 3 half credit courses per quarter )
    • As a full time student, we typically enroll students in 3 courses at one time rather than 6 courses at one time.  We have learned over time that most students are more successful managing 3 online courses in a quarter time period (8 weeks) than 6 online courses in a semester time period (16 weeks).
    • This approach allows students to build relationships with 3 teachers and 3 courses at one time.
    • Each eSchool student has a dedicated online learning coach in addition to their online course teacher(s).
    • Here is an example of how this works and what it could look like for a 9th grader:


This example schedule is for a full-time eSchool student.  There are cases where we stretch out the math course over the entire semester rather than the quarter.  The eSchool coach works with each student and family to put together the course schedule desired.

eSchool encourages AASD students to enroll in band, choir, orchestra or other courses of interest at their traditional high school as part of being a full-time online student with Appleton eSchool.  

Students are eligible and encouraged to participate in clubs, activities and sports at their neighborhood high school while attending Appleton eSchool. 

Students who graduate from Appleton eSchool are eligible to receive dual diplomas.  One from Appleton eSchool and one from their neighborhood high school.  Graduates are also eligible and encouraged to walk with their graduating class at their neighborhood high school.  


  • Curriculum:
    • Appleton eSchool has used high quality online curriculum for nearly two decades.  Appleton eSchool, along with our partners the Wisconsin eSchool Network, have access to over $2 million worth of high quality online curriculum for teachers to use right away from day one.
    • Anticipated Course List. (This will change and be updated.  More courses will be added over time.)
    • Appleton eSchool has also begun developing some exciting new elective courses over the past couple years.  These courses include:
      • Mindset Mastery I & II (1.0 credit)
        • Mental skills training for students.
      • Digital Literacy:  In the Chaos (0.5 credit)
        • How information literate are you?  This course will teach students to learn and share the abilities needed to be smart, active consumers of news and information along with being equal and engaged participants in our democracy.

Part-time eSchool refers to taking a class or two with eSchool as part of your schedule with your traditional school.  We call this ‘A La Carte’.

What to expect for part-time online with eSchool?

  • Students can take eSchool classes along side of classes at your neighborhood high school.  For example, you could chose to take your ELA (English class) online with eSchool while you attend your regular school.
  • Students could also choose to take core classes online and elective classes at your neighborhood high school.
  • In more typical scenarios we encourage students to start with one online course.  Given the current world health pandemic, we plan to allow part-time students to begin with more than one online course if requested.
  • Course pacing and end dates for part-time eSchool students can be determined course by course.  Courses can be taken over a typical semester time period or students can choose to complete a course in a more expedited time period.
  • Students can enroll into courses ‘ongoing’ September – late February.   For example, a student could choose to start a class with eSchool in October with a unique start and end date to that particular student.
  • Anticipated Course List. (This will change and be updated.  More courses will be added over time.)


Once again, be sure to select Appleton eSchool on the AASD questionnaire in Infinite Campus.  To access this survey, you must log into the Infinite Campus parent portal via and select the link in your inbox. The survey is accepting responses through August 2.

We plan to continue providing updates on our eSchool blog throughout the summer.  Stay tuned…

If you have any questions, please contact the eSchool office.

920-832-1744 or 920-381-0628

Thank you very much!

-Your eSchool Staff