eSchool Ongoing Enrollments – September – February

Appleton eSchool is unique…our school provides enrollments during the school year on an ongoing basis.  What this means is that students can sign up for a class September – February (space permitting) and start a class at that time.

Some people ask the questions…

“Is my child staring behind?”


“Will I have to catch up to like in a traditional school class?”

The short answer…”No”.

Our school is different because each eSchool course provides the student the opportunity to start their class from day-one at that time.  Their pacing and due dates are personalized & created based off of the desired start date and goal end date.

A lot of times students will schedule a study hall into their day and use that as their “eSchool period” to help create a “blended schedule.”  This can allow students to begin classes outside of their ‘busier’ times of year.  In the past, we have had students start their eSchool course after a sports season or after the school play has completed.

Check out our videos on our homepage (scroll down) to see how students have blended their schedules with eSchool.


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