Up front scheduling for 2018-2019 school year & eSchool

Greetings students and parents,


eSchool has two different registration periods: 

  1. Up front registration with high school scheduling for upcoming school year (January)
  2. Ongoing Registration (Late August – End of February yearly)


Up Front Registration with High School Scheduling:

This is the time of year that up front registration takes place at East, North and West high schools in AASD.   If you are planning on taking an online course during the 2018-2019 school year, be sure to put that request in with your course registration sheet and enter that course request directly into Infinite Campus when you register for all of your courses at your high school.


Ongoing Course Registration:

Ongoing course registration is one of the characteristics that makes eSchool unique.  Students can request courses for the current school year in “ongoing” method from late August through a date in late February.  If for some reason, you would like to take an online course that you didn’t plan on, you can sign up during our window and start the course at that time.   Because this is based on availability (we do fill up in several classes each year), it is recommended not to wait until late January or February to sign up for a course for the current school year.


Appleton North High School    2018-19 North High School Scheduling Information

  Appleton West High School   2018-19 West High School Scheduling Information

Appleton East High School2018-19 East High School Scheduling Information


Post high school readiness is important to us at eSchool.  eSchool is one of the many opportunities to help prepare our students for post high school success.  If you have any questions, please let us know.



Thank you