Part-Time Virtual & Full-Time Virtual with eSchool

Over the past week, eSchool has continued to receive many great questions about taking eSchool classes.   Once of the most common question over the past week:

Can we combine eSchool courses with classes at my regular high school or my charter school even if my regular school is hybrid or fully virtual?

The answer is yes!  eSchool has for years provided online course opportunities for students as part of their experience while attending their main school of attendance.  Students at all AASD high schools have blended eSchool classes with their high school schedule at their high school, including students at WCA.

One example: Students can choose to take their ELA class online with eSchool rather than at their main school.  This goes for all of the other core subjects as well.  We also have a wide variety of great elective courses.   Here is the link to our Tentative Course List.

In the previous blog post on the eSchool website, we share information about enrolling part-time with eSchool.  Here is the previous blog post link with some of those details (be sure to scroll down to the part-time courses section):


Unique eSchool Fact:  When students take online courses with eSchool, students can determine their course pacing (with their eSchool coach guidance).

For example, when students take courses with eSchool part-time, we recommend the 18 week pace per semester course as a default.  We do ask students in our online orientation course if they would like to customize their end date for their course and many do.  They key is that students have a dedicated teacher as an eSchool coach to support them while they are enrolled in the eSchool orientation as well as our eSchool courses in addition to the eSchool teacher of their requested course.

We hope to have our eSchool system ready for students and families to request eSchool courses directly through our eSchool in the next couple weeks.  Our advertised goal is ~August 19.  Courses will continued to be added after that date as well.  Keep checking back for more details.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the eSchool office via phone or email:


Thank you – Your eSchool Team