Part-time online eSchool student:  The Appleton eSchool broadens access to courses that students may be looking for or simply cannot fit into their busy schedules at their main campus school. The flexibility of scheduling à la carte online courses with the Appleton eSchool during the school day allows students to create their academic experience.

Full-time virtual eSchool student:  Appleton eSchool also offers students the option of attending Appleton eSchool as a full-time virtual student.   Contact the eSchool office if you are interested in enrolling as a full-time virtual student with eSchool.

Students can start classes with eSchool September – February during the school year as enrollments are ongoing as long as classes have availability.

Not a resident of the Appleton Area School District?  Learn about non-AASD resident enrollment possibilities.



Possible eSchool à la carte scenarios to bring online learning into daily schedules:

  • New eSchool students: 1.0 credit online AND 5.0 credits at their high school.
    • New eSchool students start with one course and after completing successfully, may take up to two simultaneously.
  • Successful returning eSchool students: up to 2.0 credits online AND 4.0 credits at their high school.
  • Students looking for more than 2.0 credits online with eSchool, please consult your counselor or contact the eSchool office for more information.



Step 1:

Identify a course(s) to take online with eSchool

Step 2:

Consult your counselor to integrate with your academic plan

Step 3:

Register for course(s) in the eSchool system

Step 4:

Connect with the eSchool coach at East (eSchool office), North (Mrs. Pynenberg's room or career center), or West (Mrs. Kinzenbaw's room 246) to help determine the logistics of participating in a blended schedule


If anyone has any additional questions, please contact the eSchool office.

Information for non-AASD residents.

*New eSchool students begin with 1 eSchool course. Upon successful completion of the first online eSchool course, part-time eSchool students may take up to 2 online eSchool courses simultaneously.

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