Students are to communicate directly with their eSchool teacher regarding when their specific final exam session is scheduled. Students should plan to take their final exams with their specific eSchool teachers.

  • During the school year, eSchool will host final exam sessions in January and May.
    • The January session usually occurs during the January late start morning.
    • The May sessions typically occur during the 3rd week of May.  Students should contract their teacher directly for details.
  • Students also can schedule final exams directly with their eSchool coach during the year upon being cleared by their teacher.

Nonresidents Note:
If you do not live in the immediate Appleton area, you will need to find a local proctor (ex. – public library, your resident school, etc.).


If students finish their course work early, they may contact the eSchool office to schedule a time to complete their final exam prior to their teacher’s final exam session. Remember, students must be cleared by the teacher to take their final exams. Students should report to their specific class session.

Appleton eschool post it notes

Final exam schedule for eSchool courses*:


11 – Proctored Final Exam Session during late start at East, North and West High Schools.  7:45am – 9:30am

  • East – Mega Lab
  • West – LMC Lab & LMC
  • North – LMC Lab & LMC


15 – 18 – Official End of School Year Proctored Final Exam Sessions.  Sessions are held after school by eSchool teachers.  Contact your teacher for specific times.

*If you have any questions, please contact your teacher directly or contact the eSchool office to make arrangements to complete your final exam at a different time of year.

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