2019 eSchool Summer Interim Registration

NOTE:  2019 eSchool Summer Interim registration opens at 6am March 13.  Visit our eSchool summer interim webpage for all of the details.

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Ongoing Registration begins August 20: 2018-19 School Year  

NOTE:  2018-19 catalog will be available beginning August 20, 2018.  Ongoing registration is now closed.


Click image to access current catalog


 2018-19 Course List Catalog  






(updated 8/17/2018) Looking for “Health”?  eSchool health is now called “Health & Personal Wellness.”

-Looking for “PE”?  eSchool PE offerings are now “Personal Fitness” and “HOPE PE”.

-Looking for US History?  It is now called Comprehensive American History.

arrowexternallink Course Availability and Capacity information located on our log in page.

eSchool Courses for blended AASD students are available ongoing September – February.  Blended AASD students can sign up and start eSchool courses during that period of time.  For example, a student can start a course in October if they wish.

This page contains detailed information about the registration process, the student contract and course selection process.  You will likely reference this page several times to complete the course request process. 

Log into Profile and Sign Up for a Class

1.  Log in  with AASD username and password to access eSchool profile.  If you do not have an AASD username and password, please contact the eSchool office.

2.  Request a course(s). Course requests go through a course approval process that involves the student’s counselor.  Use your course status indication in your profile to monitor the course approval process.

3.   Print, sign (parent & student) and upload eSchool student contract in eSchool profile.

Upload student contract to profile (required for course approval) screencast

Student Contract

-Sign your student contact and turn in during the course approval process-

    • Select the school year contract is below beginning August 20.

New students/parents:

Parents/Guardians have the ability to access student dashboards to monitor student work and progress.  Parents & guardians, be sure to contact the eSchool office or the eSchool coach at your child’s high school if you are not sure how to access your guardian account.

School Year Student Contract :

– Student Contract   English

– Student Contract  Spanish (contact us)

– Student Contract  Hmong (contact us)

– Print out contract, get signed, and upload to your eSchool student profile. You can take a picture and upload that file or scan and upload to your profile.  Accessing your eSchool profile on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) will allow you to take a picture with your mobile device and upload directly into your profile.  

Ongoing Registration in eSchool profile (~Aug. – Feb.):

  • Ongoing registration directly through the eSchool profile begins August 20, 2018 for the 18-19 school year and courses are requested directly in the eSchool profile.
  • Ongoing registration for the current school year generally starts in mid-August and continues through about the end of February of that school year.
  • Courses go through an approval process which involves the eSchool office and school counselor.
  • Students sign and turn in a student contract.
  • See more details below to login…

Up Front Registration in Infinite Campus (Typically January):

  • Occurs during the high school scheduling periods in Infinite Campus. Generally December and January.  (Check with your local high school for specific dates)

   Appleton North High School    2018-19 North High School Scheduling Information

  Appleton West High School   2018-19 West High School Scheduling Information

Appleton East High School2018-19 East High School Scheduling Information 

  • In the winter and spring, if students are seeking changes to their schedule for the upcoming school year, students can see their counselor to make updates to their schedule.  This includes scheduling changes like adding or dropping online eSchool courses.  This updating period usually ends at the end of June.
  • Students must sign and turn in an eSchool contract specifically for the upcoming school year.
  • See below for more details…

Summer Session Registration in eSchool profile (~March):

Summer registration happens directly in the eSchool profile.

Summer registration typically beings in early to mid March.

AASD students will be able to log directly into eSchool profile with AASD username & password.

Non-AASD students will need to create an eSchool profile through the application process.

More details on the summer session page.

Up Front Scheduling: AASD infinite campus portal

During high school scheduling window at local high school (January)

  1. Select eSchool Course in Campus Portal
    1. eSchool Courses will be labeled as “Online” in the Course Registration area of campus portal.
    2. Students will need to type in the eSchool course in the course name search field.

IMPORTANT:  If students would like to modify their high school schedule in the spring, students will need to go see their high school counselor to add or drop courses.  The eSchool ongoing registration does not begin until mid-August directly through the eSchool website.

Video Screencast from AASD High Schools:  The online course selection piece begins at the 6:46 mark in the video:

  1. Student will need to turn in a signed eSchool student contract in January (more specific dates will be coming out soon) to the eSchool office.
  2. Students will continue to be required to successfully complete the online orientation mini-course before being enrolled in their course next school year.

Online Registration Online Course

EXAMPLE: Here is what it will look like to select eSchool Civics in Campus Portal.  Remember, courses are identified with the word “Online” in Campus Portal Course Registration.

NOTE:  To request a full year, you must select Civics S1 Online AND Civics S2 Online.  Both segments of the course.

Online Registration Online Course Civics

Help...I'm stuck


Visit this link for troubleshooting the registration process.

Reminder For All Students & Parents:

  • Throughout the registration process, students and guardians will receive emails from eSchool with helpful directions to help complete the registration process.
  • Course requests will not be approved without a signed eSchool student contract and approval through our electronic approval process.

Students, Parents, and Guardians:

  •  Check out our orientation page for next steps and further features of your eSchool account     (Additional screencast videos are provided for parents on the orientation page).

-School Year Waitlists-

The following courses currently have waitlists* for new enrollments:

*Waitlists do not guarantee enrollment in a course as enrollments only occur if space becomes available.

The Appleton Area School District does not discriminate against students on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or physical, cognitive, emotional or learning disability in its education programs or activities.
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