Starting with the 2016-2017 school year, AASD high school students seeking to take eSchool classes during the school year are now able to create their blended schedule during the up-front high school scheduling window at East, North and West high schools. This window typically takes place in December-January of the previous school year.

This scheduling will take place through the infinite campus student portal.  The image is an example of what the student portal registration looks like in infinite campus.  eSchool courses all have “online” after the course name.  


Online Registration Online Course Civics









Select "online" eSchool course during your high school scheduling window at East, North and West high schools.


eSchool will continue to offer ongoing registrations for AASD students directly through www.appletoneschool.org. Ongoing registrations for the current school year will typically occur ~Sept. 1 through the middle of February.

Key Details for Students:

New eSchool Students

  • Start with 1 class
    • Non-Seniors: Take as their 7th class up front and schedule a study hall
    • Seniors: Take as their 6th class and schedule a study hall up front
    • New eSchool students taking a summer class will be considered new for the following fall.

Returning successful eSchool students

  • May sign up to take up to two eSchool courses simultaneously
    • May use eSchool to complete their schedule to be a full-time student in AASD.
      • Non-Seniors:
        • Minimum of 5 F2F & 1 online = 6 credits
      • Seniors:
        • Minimum of 4 F2F & 1 online = 5 credits


Students seeking to take more than 2 eSchool courses simultaneously will need to consult their counselor and the Appleton eSchool.  



If anyone has any additional questions, please contact the eSchool office.

*New eSchool students begin with 1 eSchool course. Upon successful completion of the first online eSchool course, part-time eSchool students may take up to 2 online eSchool courses simultaneously.

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