Starting full-time virtual with eSchool for Semester 2 2020-2021 (beginning in January)

Over the past week, eSchool has been receiving questions about joining eSchool for full time virtual beginning with S2 in January 2021.    One of the most common question over the past week:

With the AASD plan to open high schools for in person school in January at the beginning of semester 2, can my child join eSchool at the beginning of semester 2 to ensure my child full-time virtual for the remainder of the school year?

The answer is yes!   Students can join eSchool  part-time or fully virtual.  Part-time students can join ongoing and for full-time students it is recommended to start at the beginning of semester 2 in January.

If you are interested in having your child join eSchool full-time for semester 2, please contact the eSchool office.  Space will be limited.  Please contact our eSchool office as soon as possible to let us know if you plan to join us fully virtual with eSchool for the beginning of S2.

A couple notes to highlight about full-time virtual with eSchool:  

eSchool encourages AASD students to enroll in band, choir, orchestra or other courses of interest at their traditional high school as part of being a full-time online student with Appleton eSchool.  

Students are eligible and encouraged to participate in clubs, activities and sports at their neighborhood high school while attending Appleton eSchool. 

Students who graduate from Appleton eSchool are eligible to receive dual diplomas.  One from Appleton eSchool and one from their neighborhood high school.  Graduates are also eligible and encouraged to walk with their graduating class at their neighborhood high school. 

–> The following link has more details from a previous blog post about full-time and part-time options with eSchool.


How to contact eSchool:  Visit our contact us webpage to locate our contact us information, including to inquiry about full-time virtual for S2 2020-2021.


Thank you – Your eSchool Team