Learn Heartsaver CPR

As part of your Life Management Skills course, you will need to attend in person and successfully complete an adult or HeartSaver CPR course and provide verification, in the form of a card or certificate.


You Can Save A Life

Online CPR training courses cannot be completed for Life Management Skills course credit.

The typical CPR class* completed at a local facility is three to four hours in length. You should begin planning your CPR class early, as it may take time to enroll, attend, and receive your verification of completion from the facility.


Where You Can Get Certified

This certification can be secured in several ways with national and local organizations. Some examples of local organizations with training classes offered:

Students Can Earn Their CPR Card

Students may complete this requirement and obtain the CPR card before the eSchool course begins if desired. The CPR card must be a valid (non-expired) card and turned into the teacher of your Life Management Skills (Health) teacher during the eSchool course.

*NOTE: There will be a nominal charge for CPR classes from the training providers.  Each training provider may have different fees, times, and locations.  Please contact the training providers for their specific details.

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