The Wizards of Oz (eSchool)

As 2021 rolls into January, we at eSchool would like to take a moment to introduce and recognize the Wizards (teachers and staff) of Oz (eSchool) behind the screens.  There is a lot of great work happening behind the curtain of computer screens to make the magic happen.



We are here to help you in your travels along the yellow brick road as you deal with obstacles such as flying monkeys or wonky wifi connections.  Does this mean that everything is perfect, no.  But what this does mean is that all of these human beings working behind the curtains are working day after day to bring students quality online learning experiences for our community.


It’s never going to be as easy as clicking your heals, but with your steady friends, parents, teachers, coaches, support staff, Auntie Em and your occasional Tin Man (Tech support),  there’s no place like eSchool.  🙂


All the best in 2021~  Your eSchool staff