Up front registration – 2016-17 School Year

Last night, we had our annual table at the East High School curriculum showcase.  The focus of this event is for incoming 9th graders for the 2016-2017 school year.  Here is what our table looks like at East High School:



At this event, we hand out information about the upcoming 2016 summer session.  We will also have a presence at North High School for explore night.  West high school has different set up.  Please contact our eSchool coach at West High School (Mrs. Kinzenbaw) or the eSchool office if you have questions regarding the process at West high school.

This year’s big news is that students will be able to select online eSchool courses as part of the high school scheduling process at each of the 3 Appleton Area School District high schools (East, North & West).  When students are selecting their courses for 2016-17 in the infinite campus portal, online courses will be available in the course selection menu for the first time.

Online Registration Online Course

We are really excited about our online learning opportunities for students through Appleton eSchool:  Your digital learning hub.

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