Welcome Back to eSchool!

Greetings students and parents,

This week school opened at the majority of schools in AASD.  This includes eSchool.

Once again, I would like to draw some attention to our new website.  The navigation across the top of the page is designed to help users learn about blended schedules, our course offerings, our school and contact us:



If you would like to learn how to register for a class, the “Courses” page is the place to go or by clicking on a button that looks like this:



At eSchool, we offer rolling enrollments.  Rolling enrollments is the ability for a student to start a class September – February.  Students start their course with a personalize pace plan determined by when they start the class and by when their goal end date is determined (by the student and their eSchool coach via the online orientation mini-course).

This isn’t your traditional semester.  You see our keydate timeline (calendar) on our website for the details:


As a reminder, we encourage students to start with one class with us before taking more than once class as part of a blended schedule.

Have a great week.