Welcome to October and Staying on Pace!

Dear eSchool students,

We have now entered October for the 2016-17 school year.  Many of you are off to a great start.  This blog post is a friendly reminder to pay special attention to your pace in Buzz.

Each of you who have been enrolled into your requested course has made it through the online orientation mini-course.  In fact, in the mini-course each of you demonstrated that you were able to locate your target due dates as well as teacher feedback in the performance area.  Below you will see a familiar image (this is what you saw during the orientation course to help you learn where to locate this information):buzz_gradesarea

This is your key spot to know what is due and when you turned it in.  From they very first day you are enrolled, you have access to this information.  No surprises for due dates.  🙂

Again, welcome to October and we hope you enjoy your experience with eSchool this school year!




Your eSchool staff